welcome to TRADESWAP

Tradeswap's focus on customer service & success of its members & business partners enables it to build a rock solid platform for all users. We have a user friendly website built by members for members. In today's world of alternative currencies Tradeswap offers traders the option to save or earn extra cash, utilise their spare time, products & capacity, & recycle any unwanted item & achieve financial independence. 

 We support traders to reduce waste and helping others to recycle any item that anyone can reuse. We will try to help anyone that has financial stress & often has too much month for not enough money. For example if you grow any fruit or vegetables and not all get used, why not swap before they rot for maybe a car service or restaurant meal.  Before you pay cash for anything try trade first and use cash second. If You are unemployed or looking for more work Tradeswap can help you. 

  • Barter & swap your spare time, products & capacity. Personal trader or business
  • Any type of goods & services you have to offer
  • Only Active Traders shown on website. Traders control own listings & content to enable website to stay up to date with more accurate information
  • Sell at full price. Buy at your variable cost. Save cash 
  • Join Us Today. Cashback a New income stream for traders. It Beats paying Fees !!!!
  • $200 Trade for immediate spending. Joining fee is $110 charged to your credit or debit card plus $110 barter charged to your trade account.  A Trade Transaction fee on sale amount is 3.3% barter charged to your trade account.    A Cash Transaction fee on purchase amount is 6.6% charged to your credit or debit card at end of month
    All fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD) & include GST
  • Transaction Cash fees over $20 will be charged to your credit or debit card in the first week of each month
  • Cash Back commissions over $20 will be paid into your bank account in the second week of each month

For any help or suggestions email admin@tradeswap.net