Building Flexible Business Partnerships

Is your business running at full capacity with maximum efficiency?  If not, you might want to consider TradeX.

Established in 1985, TradeX (incorporating TradeSwap and Jim's TradeNet) is Australia's oldest Trade Exchange E-Commerce Platform.

TradeX is ideal for Small to Medium sized Businesses. Some of our Membership Benefits include:
  •          Building your Brand through highly effective Marketing (no extra charge) 
  •          Organically reaching New Markets, making more sales
  •       Peer-to-Peer Marketing
  •       Marketing, Business and Social Events
  •       Rapidly moving excess stock and/or general capacity

Retailers:  Clear excess stock.  No need for discounting.  Make room for merchandising new stock.  Quick sale of slow moving items. 

Hospitality:  Fee Free Membership.  Convert empty beds into a tradable commodity and bank your potential profits.

Restaurants:  Fee Free Membership.  Put bums on seats in quiet times.  Reduce shrinkage.

Professionals:  Reduce downtime.  Convert idle capacity into a bankable/tradable commodity.  

Tradies:  Free Membership for specified trades.  Reduced trading fees.  Expand your business.

General Business:  Whatever business you are in, TradeX has a solution for you.

As Traders, you control your own listings & content to enable website to stay up-to-date with accurate information.

TradeX is the only Trade Exchange that gives Cash Back to its Members for the duration of their Membership.

What sets TradeX apart from other Trade Exchanges is that TradeX is a Multi-Currency Trade Exchange.  TradeX can negotiate flexible solutions across almost any tradable currency or commodity to deliver a better outcome for your business.

For help, suggestions or more information, please email [email protected]