Tradeswap is Australia's oldest and most dynamic trade exchange & the only one that gives Cash Back to our members. Our aim is to help you get new business & reduce your cash expenses.

Sell local & buy Global. We welcome other exchange traders from around the world.

All prices quoted on this site are in Barter, Trade, Trade Currency NOT cash, unless otherwise specified.

Yes, you read it correctly WE GIVE CASH BACK.

With over 30 years experience in general day to day trading as well as using some of the most experienced and well-respected traders from the trade exchange industry we aim to bring you not only what you want but also more importantly, what you need to be able to use in your trading of currencies effectively in both your business and your lifestyle.

Trading is not just about business it is a lifestyle. The more you can utilize your currencies the better you will be and the greater lifestyle you can create.

Based around relationships with our members and the success of their business, we have been able to create a new trading platform that uses all the major trade exchange currencies as well as world currencies.

Our user-friendly web site is built by members for members. No more having to try logging in & fumble around to find the goods and services you are looking for, now find it at the click of a button.

·         Do you have excess time or excess stock?

·         Do you have goods taking up space that you are never going to use?

·         Do you need to use a service but don’t necessarily have the spare cash?

·         Do you want to sell your excess stock at closer to RRP price instead of minimizing profits or worse still losing profits?


Other trade exchanges charge you monthly CASH administration fees as well as CASH transaction fees on each side of the transaction eating into your profits. # Use your other exchange credits to swap for Tradeswap credits.  Tradeswap charges a cash fee only when you make a purchase.  We have created a fee structure that we believe is fair to businesses with not just a TAKE mentality. We also have a referral option to get Cash Back

Tradeswap's focus on customer service & success of its members & business partners enables it to build a rock solid platform for all users. We have a user friendly website built by members for members. In today's world of alternative currencies Tradeswap offers traders the option to save or earn extra cash, utilise their spare time, products & capacity, & recycle any unwanted item & achieve financial independence. 

We support traders to reduce waste and helping others to recycle any item that anyone can reuse. We will try to help anyone that has financial stress & often has too much month for not enough money. For example if you grow any fruit or vegetables and not all get used, why not swap before they rot for maybe a car service or restaurant meal.  Before you pay cash for anything try trade first and use cash second. If You are unemployed or looking for more work Tradeswap can help you. 

  • Barter & swap your spare time, products & capacity. Personal trader or business
  • Any type of goods & services you have to offer.
  • Swap credits between other trade exchanges. Local & global.
  • Only Active Traders shown on website. Traders control own listings & content to enable website to stay up to date with more accurate information
  • Sell at full price. Buy at your variable cost. Save cash 
  • Tradeswap is the only trade exchange that gives Cash Back to its members. 
  • ALL major cryptocurrency coins accepted.
  • Join Us Today. Cash Back is a new income stream for traders. It beats paying fees!!!!

For any help or suggestions email admin@tradeswap.net