Tradeswap is Australia's oldest trade exchange E-Commerce platform connecting the unbanked to the digital ecomomy.

We have created a trading platform that uses all major trade exchange, crypto & global currencies.

Our user-friendly web site is built by members for members. No more logging in & fumble around to find the goods and services you are looking for, now find it at the click of a button with keyword search.

·         If you have excess time & stock that is taking up space that you are never going to use.

·          If you need to use a service but don’t necessarily have the spare cash? Use Trade.

We support traders to reduce waste and helping others to recycle any item that anyone can reuse. We try to help anyone that has financial stress. For example if you grow any fruit or vegetables and not all get used, why not swap before they rot for maybe a car service or restaurant meal. Before you pay cash for anything try trade first and use cash second. If You are unemployed or looking for more work Tradeswap can help you. 

  • Barter & swap your spare time, products & capacity. Personal trader or business
  • Any type of goods & services you have to offer.
  • Swap credits between other trade exchanges & cryptocurrency. Local & global.
  • Traders control own listings & content to enable website to stay up to date with more accurate information
  • Tradeswap is the only trade exchange that gives Cash Back to its members. 

For any help or suggestions email [email protected]