These are the terms and conditions that you as a user agree to abide by whether you are a buyer or a seller on this website. There is no age limit to use this site. Terms and Conditions are also known as the Rules of Trade & the Terms & Conditions is a Contract to Pay your cash fees when due.


You must be at least 18 years old when you register as a user, or transact on your account, you automatically accept Tradeswap terms and conditions and agree to the fee structure and to abide by its terms of use. If you do not agree with Tradeswap terms and conditions you will not be allowed access to this website.

All prices quoted on this site are in Barter, Trade, Trade Currency NOT cash, unless otherwise specified.

Tradeswap reserves the right, without giving notice, to change these terms and conditions at any time. It is your responsibility as a user of Tradeswap to check this link at each time of use.


Tradeswap reserves the right to change its commission rates & levels at any time without notice. Tradeswap guarantees to pay back for the life of the account, up to 70% of its transaction fees collected at all times. A Trader must have an active account to earn & be paid commissions. A Trader must either buy, sell or directly refer a new trader to maintain an active account each month. Traders can receive a guaranteed total of 50% on level 1, of all fees from directly referred customers and businesses. Receive a up to  20% of all fees paid from your 2nd to 5th level referrals each time they join and trade. Earn extra bonus commissions with promotional rates & levels at various times. Cash commissions are paid when trade balance is in credit.  Refer to Cash Back diagram as an example.

A member can request a transfer from their referee if they feel they are not getting support or service from their referring member. If a member has not been in  monthly contact with their downline then Tradeswap Admin has the right to transfer that member to another member for brokering service. Members after joining are at all times the property of Tradeswap. Admin reserves the right to re allocate the client downline at any time to maximize the customer service for its members. 


  1. A ONCE ONLY $10 upfront Joining fee. $10  will be charged to your credit or debit card. Tradeswap provides an automatic $50 barter credit limit trade overdraft facility upon your acceptance as a member. After your payment has gone through you will have $50 trade for immediate spending. Joining fees can vary for promotions & special joining offers.
  2. The seller pays a Trade transaction fee of 3.3% on the trade sale amount. The 3.3% fee is automatically debited from the sellers trade account.
  3. The buyer pays a Cash transaction fee of 6.6% on the trade purchase amount. The 6.6% fee is debited to the buyers account at time of transaction.
  4.  Credit or Debit cards that have Failed Payment will incur a $5 cash charge each time. Cash Fees owed & not paid before the 15th will incur a late payment fee of $5 cash.  Traders who have had credit card bounce & incurred a late fee.

  *Traders in overdraft, need to generate sales of at least 5% of the overdraft amount in the month. If this does not occur, the member will be charged a minimum $5 cash fee or 1% cash fee, whichever is the greater,  on the total outstanding each month. 

Where there has been less than $10 Trade for the month, either in sales or purchases, a $10Trade & $2 Cash amount will get automatically deducted from traders account on the 1st of the following month. These fees are also included in the Cash Back reward payments to uplines.


Tradeswap is an online barter exchange that operates as a third party record keeper in which each participating member has an account that is debited when purchases are made, and credited when sales are made.

Tradeswap provides an online platform for barter and trade members to use as an effective method of increasing sales, conserving cash, moving inventory, and making use of excess production capacity for businesses & personal traders around the world. Members in Tradeswap earn trade credits (instead of cash) that are deposited into their account. They then have the ability to purchase goods and services from other members utilizing their trade credits. They are not obligated to purchase from those whom they sold to, and vice versa. Tradeswap provides a record of each transaction and monthly statements to each member.

It is the trader, member own responsibility to keep their email current. It is the trader responsibility to contact Tradeswap if they are unable to update their email.

Tradeswap does not provide financial or product advice to its members, deal in financial products, buying or selling shares, operate managed investment schemes or provide trustee company services.

Tradeswap will take all possible care to ensure that this web site is up and running at all times and that no notification is required to users of any unexpected downtime. Users must be aware that from time to time issues will arise that may result in the site having down time and errors and that it could cause the referral commissions to not work to its full function. Often this can be out of our control. Tradeswap takes no responsibility and will not be held liable for any cash or trade credits earned but not credited, to any user for this happening. Tradeswap undertakes at all times all reasonable steps to ensure that the site is fully working to its full capacity at all times.

Tradeswap reserves the right to change its fees at any time without notice.

If you wish to close your account please contact us for assistance. It is the traders responsibility to download their own statements each month for their own record keeping.Tradeswap holds on file for 3 months after last contact. After that if your account is in zero or negative for both trade & Cash, Tradeswap Admin has the right to close account without notice.

Tradeswap takes no responsibility in any way shape or form for any dealings in any way between the users of this site. You the user agree that it is your own sole risk when using this site in any way that you use it. Tradeswap takes no responsibility in any way shape or form for any relationships in any way be it business or personal that occur as a result of using this site. Tradeswap takes no responsibility to the user if any government body or law enforcement agency requests that we pass onto them the user details as requested or that we delete any particular user from the Tradeswap site.


International Commission Payments will be a minimum $50 AUD & will incur a $6 AUD Cash fee for each payment or failed payment due to wrong account details.  This is the fee charged by the bank and is out of our control. No fees if paid into Australian bank accounts.


 Fees & charges will vary from country to country. The percentage fee will be the same throughout , but the static fee eg, $5 will vary. Country costs :-

Philipines - $5AUD = 35 Pesos.


The seller agrees that all listings will be kept current and that they contain accurate information regarding the products or services on offer. Where any listings are known to be illegal or generally objectionable in any way the member will receive a warning and a repeat may result in membership being terminated. Adult Listings must be kept to that category. Any number of items can be sold as many times as you want for the one listing. A benefit of using Tradeswap is that you can list your own website URL and full contact details for self-promotion in any way that you see fit. This is another benefit of using this site. It is the responsibility of the users of this site to ensure that all listings are conforming to all laws relevant to that listing. Because this is a global site and allows you to trade anywhere in the world it is the responsibility of the users to conform to the laws of their own country and the country that they are dealing with. Tradeswap takes no responsibility in regard to any listings that do not conform to the laws relevant to that listing. All users agree that they will help in keeping this site as free from misuse as is possible by emailing to [email protected] of anything they see that may not be in the best interest of the general users.

When listing any items or services you must not use this site in relation to child pornography, illegal drugs and firearms, stolen or counterfeit items, uploading of any known viruses, worms, etc, or anything that is known to compromise the site in any way.


Tradeswap members can swap their credits for other exchange credits & vice versa. Sell local & buy Global. We welcome other exchange traders from around the world.
This is limited to Tradeswap being able to place the other exchange credits with the other exchange members. Tradeswap is not responsible for the fees outside of Tradeswap.


Because Tradeswap has no interest, other than to record the transaction for the collection of transaction fees, in any transaction between buyers & sellers and therefore cannot verify the truth, quality, legality or the accuracy of any listings. Tradeswap cannot determine if the seller can deliver the item or service that has been advertised for sale or to the accuracy of the items listed. This is the risk that the users agree to when using this site.


The Joining overdraft of $310 allocated at the time of joining.

An extra overdraft maybe allocated by admin upon security being in place.

Traders in overdraft, need to generate sales of at least 5% of the overdraft amount in the month. If this does not occur, the member will be charged a minimum $5 cash fee or 1% cash fee, whichever is the greater, on the total outstanding each month. Cash fees not paid after 30 days will be handed over to debt collection & account holder will liable for interest on any trade debt & cash fees owed, debt collection costs & legal expenses. 

If a member is in overdraft they must either have referrals or have products or services advertised & they agree to provide sales continually each month to cover the overdraft amount. If a member has made a purchase, is in overdraft, has no referrals & has nothing advertised for sale or refuses to trade, the overdraft will be removed & the amount owing will become a cash debt. Failure to trade back to zero may result in the account being closed and the trade amount outstanding being due in cash.

If credit or debit card becomes invalid or has failed payment & account Cash Fees are unpaid the overdraft facility will automatically be withdrawn from his account.  This will incur a $5 cash fee to the bounced account. Overdraft applications outside of system parameters require a personal guarantee supplied by the client and approved by Tradeswap Admin. The members agree to use the Tradeswap system to loan their credits to other Tradeswap members who in turn agree to provide their own range of goods & services to pay back their debits.


All Overdue accounts will incur interest on any trade debt & cash fees owed, debt collection costs, administration fees, & legal expenses. Contract Default Fees will apply.


You agree that Tradeswap retains your personal information that we receive from your registration details and frequency of use of this site and that we use your details to provide the service to you. Tradeswap will not disclose your details to any other party unless requested to by government, legal or companies relating to breaches of copyright, patents, trademarks or proprietary rights or any other relating issues in relation to any third party. Customers at all times have full access to all data held by Tradeswap simply by logging into their own account.


Customers can cancel their order and request a full refund at any time before they do a transaction within the first 14 days of joining.


The users of this site agree that all information given is true and accurate at time of registration and that the users agree to update their details whenever changes occur. Each account must have a separate email address & bank account. False or "Dummy" registration details are forbidden and will result in member cancellation without refund. Tradeswap reserves the right to check each member details by any means that it sees fit to use.

Each trader can only have 1 personal account. Each account maybe required to provide a government issued photo ID for verification. Each business account name must be registered & show up on a government business register. If the business name is not registered, it can still be used, but would be deemed a personal account.

 This is to ensure that false and dummy accounts are kept as low as is possible. Tradeswap users must accept that Tradeswap cannot guarantee that false account users will still be able to use this site. You agree that if requested by any government body Tradeswap may disclose any details that we are requested to give if you have been suspected of any illegal activity.


Tradeswap Pty Ltd will only have an electronic record of your personal and business information for its sole use.

Tradeswap at all times works within the guidelines of AML/CTF The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. Plus KYC - Know Your Client,  whereby Tradeswap must check a customer’s identity by collecting and verifying information before providing any designated services to them. Tradeswap must identify both individual customers (people) and non-individual customers (such as companies, associations or trusts).

Tradeswap in partnership with our online service providers will at all times take all reasonable actions to protect your information from any outside hacking or unauthorized access.


Tradeswap is not responsible in any way for government taxes arising from the use of this site. It is up to the users to disclose any government taxes that they will be responsible for. Tradeswap takes no responsibility in any way for any taxes owed to any government body anywhere in the world on behalf of the users being both the buyer and the seller, of this site.

Tradeswap is fully compliant with all Australian Taxation Laws. All Tradeswap transactions are fully assessable for income tax purposes the same as any EFT or credit card transactions. 1 - one Tradeswap Trade dollar is equal to 1 - one Australian cash dollar AUD.


Tradeswap has the right to terminate any member that commits a criminal offence that directly affects Tradeswap.

Tradeswap has the right without giving notice, cancel any member that it has given a free account to and cancel the free credits that was given in good faith. The transactions can be reversed & associated accounts cancelled.

If any member account has a zero or negative balance, & Tradeswap admin has had no contact from the trader for 2 months, then Tradeswap admin has the right to close the account. It is the traders responsibility to download their own statements each month for their own record keeping.


Because each membership can earn referral fees, they will increase in value as a commodity of themselves. As a one time only a member can transfer balance totals to another account without incurring fees. The membership can be sold or traded like any other product or service. A member can request a transfer from their referee after 3 months if they feel they are not getting support or service from their referring member. If a member has no referrals or has not had sales or purchases greater than $600 over a six month period, then Tradeswap Admin has the right to transfer that member to another member for brokering service.


There are always risks to users when using trader websites. Please ensure you have full understanding of these rules before and each time you use this site. The use of this web site is entirely at your own risk. By using this web site, you automatically agree that you do so at your own risk. Tradeswap offers this website as a platform for trading and takes no responsibility for any transactions made between users. Non-payment of goods or services received by the buyer or non-delivery of goods or services already paid for by the buyer but not delivered by the seller must be resolved between the parties involved. It is the responsibility of every seller and buyer to ensure that payment and delivery of goods or services complies with what has been agreed upon by the two parties. Tradeswap takes no responsibility for any warranties or guarantees offered by the seller or buyer during any transaction between the two parties.

If a dispute arises between any parties, all users of this site automatically agree to release and indemnify Tradeswap and all of its owners, directors and employees from any and all costs arising from claims and demands arising out of any disputes between any users of this site.

You and any parties representing you in any matter relating to the use of this site agree to indemnify Tradeswap and any of its staff or directors against any action relating to claims of any kind at any time involving any loss to you or anyone associated to you in any way relating to the use of this site.

By using this site you automatically agree that you will comply with all laws including domestic and international when listing items or services for sale.

Tradeswap takes no responsibility or legal liability for any misuse of this site by its members. This includes any members or persons or parties using this site that have intentionally set out to defraud you or anyone else. If you are aware that this site has been misused or that a buyer or seller has not shown good business conduct or any dishonest dealings have been done, it is up to you the user to inform Tradeswap Administration As Soon As Possible by emailing us at [email protected].

Most important of all