Our first mission at TradeX is to build a community of happy, like minded and prosperous Members.  To this end we have a Fair, Firm and Friendly policy.

  • Fair:  We expect fair trading between Members.  Through mutual respect for each other we will build a flourishing trading community based on trust.
  • Firm:  Our intention is to be punitively firm on pricing.  Please report any Member attempting to price gouge (increasing the price of goods, services, or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair).
  • Friendly:  To build a thriving Business Community, TradeX staff and Members should at all times be respectful and friendly to fellow Members and colleagues.

CASH BACK INCOME.  Once you are satisfied that TradeX is striving towards achieving our collective Mission, you can contribute towards the growth and prosperity of the community by introducing associate businesses to TradeX.  For each New Member that you introduce that joins the TradeX community, you will receive 10% of all cash flow (fees) generated through that account, for the life of your membership (provided your fees are paid up to date).

Cash Back

For your referrals

Trader 1 Pays $100 in fees 10% of all fees paid $10