All prices quoted on this site are in Barter, Trade, Trade Currency NOT cash, unless otherwise specified.

  1. A ONCE ONLY $10* upfront Joining fee. After you have uploaded your first advert, please email [email protected] and Tradeswap will provide an automatic $50 barter trade credit to your account. $10 will be charged to your credit or debit card.  After your payment has gone through you will have $50 trade for immediate spending. *Special promotion fee.*
  2. The seller pays a Trade transaction fee of 3.3% on the trade sale amount. The 3.3% fee is automatically debited from the sellers trade account.
  3. The buyer pays a Cash transaction fee of 6.6% on the trade purchase amount.
  4. A Non Transaction Fee may apply if no transactions with the month. Refer T & C.
  5. When cash from commissions is greater than $50AUD this will be paid into the bank accounts in the second week of each month.
  6. ALL major cryptocurrency coins accepted.

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